Sidekicks Anonymous

Sidekicks Anonymous
An Advert

“It’s hard playing second fiddle to someone like the Incredible Harry or even grumpy old wasteland. But fear not; we’re here for you! Sidekicks anonymous is a place for you to get together and share your woes with the only people who really understand what it means to clean up after someone who literally controls the weather and regularly summons minions simply because he doesn’t want to get his own coffee.”

Your characters are…

  • …15 Dice Sidekick Characters to Heros on main page
  • …essentially like a superhero intern: unpaid and unappreciated
  • ..about to be in way over their heads

Not permitted in this campaign:

  • Wizardry Power
  • Invulnerable Power
  • Regeneration Power
  • Some other powers may be retconned or debated if chosen

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